Westover Training

If you are interested in receiving training please contact Michelle Martinez, training can be factory or on-site.


Schneider Electric Factory Training

Schneider Electric’s Technical Training Services (TTS) can help you be more knowledgeable, productive and effective in applying Schneider Electric products. TTS has developed a comprehensive program that provides you the expertise in Andover Continuum. This complete program of courses designed to quickly increase your expertise and, as a result, your value to your organization. Schneider Electric training programs feature hands-on exercises with real world scenarios and small, interactive classes ensure you receive responsive instructor attention.

Using the link below, you may:

  • View course descriptions that include an overview of the covered topics and list the student learning objectives
  • View classes by schedule
  • View the number of student seats currently available per scheduled class offering
  • Obtain pre-requisite course material and specific class location information


Registration Process

Registration applications are accepted on a first come, first serve basis. The training classes are small to maximize your education objectives, and registration is a must. All customers are to contact their local Schneider Electric dealer prior to registration.

Schneider Electric Training


  • Select a course
    • Review the course description to determine which course best suites your requirements and needs
    • Make sure you meet all requirements for the course you are looking to register for
  • Information Needed to Register
    • Course Number, Course Name, and Date
    • Company Name and Address
    • Student Name
    • E-mail Address (required for all confirmations)
    • Purchase Order Number
  • Wait for Approval and Confirmation
    • After your local Schneider Electric dealer has completed the enrollment process you will receive a confirmation e-mail that the request has been approved. You are NOT registered till you have received this e-mail
  • Download pre-requisites material and location information
  • Once you have received your Confirmation e-mail you will receive another e-mail that will have information that you can download any required pre-requisites, course material and specific location information to assist with traveling arrangements, maps, city guides, etc.

**Do not commit to any travel or related expenses until your registration had been confirmed and your are notified that the class will be held as scheduled**

If you would like more information or have any questions regarding Schneider Electric Training or the registration process please contact Nicole Zakrewski with Schneider Electric at nicole.zakrewski@schneider-electric.com or 978-975-9598 or Michelle Martinez with Westover Corporation at office@westover-usa.com or 303-429-3600.