Energy Management Control Systems (EMCS)

How it Works

Your energy bills may be higher than they need to be due to obsolete or aging equipment, lack of control and poor energy consumption practices. Westover will perform a complete survey of your facility to include:

  • Energy Conservation Practices
  • System Control / Opportunities for Demand Limiting
  • Lighting Control / Inefficient Lighting

Then, Westover will issue you a full report including pay back of the proposed solutions.

Cost Savings

New systems and equipment can lower your energy costs. Many building owners see energy savings of 15 to 35 percent and also reduce their long-term maintenance costs.

Better Buildings

By updating or replacing equipment that is old or obsolete with newer, more efficient technologies, you will have higher-quality systems, fewer breakdowns and reduced maintenance. When building occupants experience improved lighting, better air quality and more comfortable room temperatures, they are likely to be happier and more productive.

A Wise Investment

An energy management control system allows you to divert funds that would be spent on energy bills into investments in your building. For governmental clients this means that limited budgets can stretch further. For all building owners, more modern, efficient energy systems can increase your property value and improve your buildings marketability.

Put Westover’s experience to work for you. Westover will:

  • Identify and evaluate energy saving opportunities;
  • Develop engineering designs and specifications;
  • Complete the project from design to installation and monitoring if desired;
  • Arrange for financing;
  • Train your staff and provide ongoing maintenance services;
  • Work with ESCO’s that will provide performance based contracting if desired.


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