Building Automation (HVAC Control/Process Control)

State-of-the-Art Systems As a microprocessor based technology, direct digital controls (DDC) is a constantly evolving industry. Westover’s dedication to technology assures state-of-the-art performance. Westover offers systems that are¬†upgradeable at little or no cost and we work diligently to maintain your system at peak performance avoiding obsolescence or expensive upgrades. Our competent and experienced staff provide complete design build services.


Westover utilizes control systems with open protocols to ensure communications with third party systems such as: boilers, chillers, air handlers, fume hood controls, leak detection systems, power monitoring, fire systems, security systems, video switchers, etc.

Networked Solutions

By standardizing on MS based Windows NT networked solutions, Westover can provide centralized monitoring and administration throughout your facilities, whether across the street or across the nation. Westover is an industry leader in LAN and WAN solutions. In fact, Westover recently installed the largest WAN building automation system in the Western United States with over fifty two facilities connected via Ethernet and T1 lease lines.


Westover can easily integrate your building automation system to include HVAC control, lighting control, security and fire alarm monitoring. An integrated system is easy to use, eliminates redundancy in training and installation and reduces overall cost.

Fully Programmable

Westover utilizes control systems that are completely programmable, never again will you be limited by the functionality of your controls system. Programming can be accomplished through easy to use Plain English Script and Block programming, without the need to learn a confusing, hard to use programming language.


Westover offers Internet, Ethernet, wireless and remote dial up communications to interface with your system from virtually anywhere in the world. Access to all systems are multi level and password protected for security.

Building Automation/HVAC Control Products

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