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Westover Corporation, founded in 1987, offers a full spectrum of building services to commercial, industrial and governmental clients. These services include HVAC Controls, Industrial Process Controls, HVAC Mechanical Construction/Service and Security Systems. Westover is an industry leader providing “intelligent building” solutions and complete systems integration including HVAC, Security, Card Access, Badging, and Digital Recording. Top-level industry experience and thorough dealer training are Westover’s hallmarks. Now you can manage your facility to exact specifications; with a capacity for upgrades to meet future needs, all with the complete support of Westover’s advanced technical team.

6580 N. Federal Blvd.
Denver, CO 80221
Phone (303) 429-3600
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2697 Lavery Ct. Unit 16
Newbury Park, CA 91320
Phone (213) 867-0401
Phone (805) 498-5600
Fax (213) 867-0402
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License # 874739 C-7 & B          
Five Star Hotels.

Westover will have installed controls systems in 3 of the 4 Colorado Five Star Hotels. Click to find our more!

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